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An excellent Hitler Youth, BDM document grouping to BDM Madelschaftsfuhrerin Ursel Koscharre.
The archive consists of the HJ BDM Fuhrerausweis with uniformed ID photo dated 1/10/41.
Leistungsbuch with uniformed ID photo dated 19/05/1942
RAD Dienstausweis with uniformed ID photo dated 28/02/1945
RAD Pflichtausweis dated 28/08/1944
Accompanying the ID documents are three postcards one of Koscharre as a very young youth movement member.
Born on 11/01/1927 Ursel Koscharre served as a member of Madelgruppe 48/237 Moers.
While serving with this BDM Gruppe, Koscharre completed her DRL sports proficiency badge in Bronze.
On completing her service with the BDM she transferred to the RAD.
All documents are complete and are well filled out with many official stampings.
The HJ pass has some water staining but is complete and otherwise damage free.
A hard to find complete Ausweis grouping.

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