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A stunning almost fully complete, colour matched, powder Blancoed set, of in the main, clear dated WW1 1908 pattern webbing.
This set has for many, many years been one of the centre pieces in a private continental collection, now being disposed of due to the advancing age by the owner.
All items are contemporary in years to include the rarer / harder items to now find.
The set consists of the waist belt, shoulder straps, entrenching tool carrier and entrenching tool (early type with popper fitting rather than buckle). Left and right ammunition pouches, water bottle complete with period water bottle. Small pack, affixed via shoulder strap buckles, bayonet frog and helve carrier, complete with bayonet and wooden helve shaft.
The set has been ‘pea green’ water based powder ‘Blancoed’, (the correct WW1 colour) and is as such fully matching.
Most items are dated / marked with some items being more distinct than others; some detailed below, at the end of the listing.
The shovel head is in matching condition and is dated 1914 with maker details ’Lucas’ and WD broad arrow. Wooden helve shaft is as usual free of any markings, and is in a very clean damage free state.
Bayonet is a stunning example of the 1907 pattern bayonet with early brown leather scabbard, The blade is WD and broad arrow marked only once, indicating that it has been issued only once (never re-issued). Blade very clean / untouched and rust free.
The interior of the webbing has not been blancoed and exhibits in some cases colour differences (most obviously the belt).
This set is; as mentioned in truly stunning, homogenous, correctly matched condition, unlike most ‘complete’ sets offered today, and would display extremely well !

Small Pack :- M. W & S Ltd. 1916
Shovel head carrier :- Me. Co. 1915
Shovel head :- 1914
Water Bottle carrier :- Profusely marked but indistinct
Ammunition pouches :- Marked but faint (1916/18/19 ?)
Belt :- Markings obliterated.
Frog & Helve carrier :- Indistinct

WANTED:- Good untouched WW1 British personal & field equipment, formation signs, Tank Corps, Machine Gun Corps & Royal Flying Corps items !

This is a SOLD Item.
It is currently on view in Mons Military Antiques ‘Archive Pages’ of previously stocked and sold items....For items currently on sale from Mons’ go to the ‘On-Line Shop’ pages !