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A very nice field used, skeletal set of untouched, turn of the last century Slade-Wallace leather cartridge equipment.
Set consists of belt, shoulder straps, belt bayonet frog and cartridge carriers. The leather work is in excellent serviceable condition with very slight age stiffening only. Various parts of the equipment are stamped with various regimental / unit markings, WD broad arrows, and the bayonet frog is named in ink to the reverse McHamiliton.
It has at some time had a very light application of water based white blanco, but this is in the main worn away, leaving the equipment in a good used colour matched base, buff colour, condition. (Many items of Slade-Wallace equipment when they are offered on the market today are caked with old blanco and emulsion finishes, making them extremely stiff and un - usable for the purposes of display).
All fixtures and fittings are in the main present. One cartridge pouch securing strap has had a very small stitching repair and one small rivet is missing from the shoulder strap loop fitting.
An excellent colour matched equipment set.

This is a SOLD Item.
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