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A stunning untouched immediate post WW1 German Free Korps M16 steel helmet. An excellent M16 German steel combat helmet as used by the various Free Korps and Militia's that sprung up out of the chaos of the German armed forces at the end of WW1.
Standard helmet with original three pad tan leather liner. Original pickelhaube leather chin strap which is complete with correct buckles, now with some age hardening and cracking. Pickelhaube cockade, state colour cockade to the left visor fitting. there are faint traces of a white skull and crossbones to helmet front as was common to such helmets in early 1920’s Germany .
Helmet is damage and dent free with approx. 65% original field grey finish remaining. Skull painting to front is now faint but non the less present and visible.
A rare helmet from this ‘flux’ period of German political & social history.
Untouched and un-cleaned in an way.

This is a SOLD Item.
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