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A superbly tailored, very heavy, RAF four pocket service dress tunic to a named Pathfinder Force Flight Lieutenant. Excellent service used tunic. Tunic with flat / non-padded RAF pilots brevet. Rank 'rings' show a promotion with one ring being rather more faded than the other (See note on owner label below). Named, Isaac Walton tailor's label to inside pocket and label to rear of collar. Pocket label named to P/O Carter dated 1943 and with serial order number in ink. (The tunic now shows rank of Flt Lt, two promotions from when the tunic was first tailored).
To the left breast pocket is the Pathfinder Force Albatross with correct backing plate and fitting nuts. Tunic size very much in keeping with the period, with all metal fittings and cloth insignia showing commensurate wear, in keeping with the tunic itself.
Sold with this item is a précis of Flt. Lt. Carter's RAF service with Bomber Command detailing raids etc. and a modern copy (taken from the original) of a group photograph of Carter's Squadron, posed in front of a Lancaster. Flt. Lt Carter is picked out within the group.
And just for the purists !! The Pathfinder albatross is strictly speaking incorrectly fitted on the left breast pocket (it should according to Dress Regs. be attached to the pocket flap) and is in fact a sleeve ‘bird’ rather than an ’official’ Pathfinder badge. This said; this is as it was fitted at ’its moment in time’ and has been on the tunic ever since, leaving a distinct silhouette fade mark where it is now viewed.

FL. Carter was commissioned through the ranks from flight school in single seat fighters.
Posted to 21 OTU (Officer Training Unit) March 1943 flying Wellington’s.
June 1943, 37 Squadron flying again Wellington’s in the Near East.
April 1943, 30 OTU Wellington’s.
June 1943, 93 Group Flying instructors course.
March 1944, 3 Flying Instructor school.
February 1945 posted 150 Squadron operations N.W. Europe
March 17 1945 Posted Pathfinder Navigational Training Unit.
March 30 1945 Posted 582 PF Sqn. (Little Staughton).

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