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An extremely rare British PH (Phenate Hexamine) G anti-gas hood. Hood is in very good overall condition and shape for its age, with a couple of small tear holes within the soft ‘flannelette’ cotton fabric. It also has rust staining throughout, due to folded storage for a period of time in a slightly damp environment. The rubber exterior exhaust valve is broken but still with the helmet. Inner mouth piece / tube complete. On the inner lower edge of the helmet are faint stamped detail markings.
Elasticated headband is absent.
The PH 'G' anti gas hood was developed from the PH hood in so far as having integral goggles, and elasticated headband around the exterior of the helmet to ensure a close fit. It was issued during 1916 for additional tear gas protection, mainly to artillery units to defend against the effect of tear gas shells as a counter battery weapon.
Its use was short lived, and found not to be especially useful to artillery units / gunners. The 'G' abbreviated from goggles…It was of course superseded by the universally used SBR.

WANTED:- WW1 British Army uniforms and equipment !

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