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Mons' :- Spring 2018

Spring 2018
Mons Military Antiques adds to its site sales pages a diverse range of 1914 - 1945 military antiques and collectables, where all spend capabilities are catered for; allowing beginners as well as advanced collectors to enjoy listed items.
Not all stocked items are detailed/site listed. Many items are awaiting description, photography and subsequent listing.
All listed items are available for immediate purchase unlike auction houses, and prices again like auction houses are as stated and without buyer premiums and VAT on the buyer premiums.
Easy payment plans are available on many purchases again without surcharges making a more expensive or group purchases ‘easier on the pocket’.
Mons' is always happy to receive the offer of surplus to collection items, either as part exchanges or direct purchase. (As long as a seller is happy/can comply with my buy in regime, see terms 'Buying In').
The ‘house-keeping chores' I have started regarding the site itself and stocked items seems to be a never ending task and coming a poor third in order of preference too site listing and stock purchasing.
I have over the past 3-6 months been on many trips within the UK and Europe viewing and buying in stock; hence site listing has been on the ‘lite-side’. This I now hope to rectify as I have planned more time at ‘base’.
My social media pages are used to give a 'heads up' and prior warning on some future listings, so my Face-Book, Twitter & Instagram pages are worth a look.
My LI page tries to promote the need to value our uniformed services and medical personnel.

Mons Military Antiques can be followed via ‘Twitter', search Richard Archer, on ‘Instagram’ search Mons Military Antiques and Face book search Mons Military Antiques....

....'Busy times-ahead (as ever), and much too do’,....please remember its only me doing it all!

'Looking forward to hearing from you soon' !

Best regards....Richard

Code: 107272Price: On Request

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A superb (recently found in storage) wool tailored trench cap, in mint condition.
Wool fabric is as new, with the black oil skin liner in matching condition., showing a size marking ‘7’.
Leather chin band is with some aging due to storage and is now brown in colour rather than tan.
Matching GS cap buttons holding the chin band in place.
A cap now in excess of 100 years of age that would not be bettered for condiotuion.
(Cap badge never fitted).

Code: 107270Price: 475.00 GBP

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A very good early (1942) slouch hat as worn in the desert and Far East.
Felt wool hat is in very, very good moth free condition.
Latticed leather cap band is in good supple, dusty condition.
Side popper present and in good strong working order, but should be treated with respect.
Front with affixed K.O.Y.L.I. other ranks cap badge, being actually a collar badge.
interior with leather head band, being detached over two small area to the right & left sides. Head band with stamped clear maker details, date 1942, broad arrow and size 6 7/8.
Small cut above the cap/collar badge where a cap badge with slider has been fitted.
The current cap/collar badge has been in situ many years, leaving a shadow in the felt material.
No chin band,
An excellent untouched WW2 slouch hat.

Code: 107269Price: 180.00 GBP

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A rare to find service dress cap for an officer serving with the Reconnaissance Corps (the favoured field service head wear was the beret).
Cap is in excellent untouched condition, with one minor surface moth ‘nip’ to the cap crown.
Leather chin band in supple condition, held in place by two GS buttons.
Leather head band in matching, very good condition with a small area becoming un-stitched to the left side as worn.
Good clear maker details to cap croiwn.
The cap badge appears as an other ranks brass badge. This may not be the case as the fittings (as much as I can see them) seem to be fitting blades (possibly a theatre made badge). The badge has however been in-situ many, many years and has I feel been cleaned in situe....all this leaving an imprint of the badge on the cap centre band.
A nice good clean cap !

(I have included a period image of just such a cap being worn, just for reference, see image 8....Its an original Daily Mail press photograph shown in Robert Hilton’s book ‘Freddie Gough’s Specials at Arnhem)

Code: 107268Price: 175.00 GBP

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A fine example of a service dress cap as worn by a Chaplain.
(Interestingly the cap badge is of a bygone era, in relation to WW2).
Cap is in excellent damage and moth free condition, with the khaki material clean and showing slight wear.
The cap badge has been owner ‘embelished’ with the low voids hi-lighted in white.
Chin strap in excellent matching supple condition held in place by two blackened GS buttons.
Interior with an oil skin upper water proof liner with maker details visible beneath this.
A very nice untouched cap.

Code: 107266Price: 150.00 GBP

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A fine ‘tailor made’ group of service chevrons representing overseas service 1914 - 18.
The red lower chevron for 1914 with four blue representing the following years.
Used removed from a tunic item, with a little snagging to the thread detail and grubby.
This type of chevron on a ‘denim’ type backing were indicative of officer wear, or for the lighter weight Middle East drill material tunics.

Code: 107264Price: 45.00 GBP

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A fine condition pair of WW2 vintage German manufactured field service boots, the famous ‘Jack Boot’.
Upper leather is in fine supple condition to the calves with some slight age hardening to the feet area.
The soles have been repaired, possibly in the UK post war, as the fittings used appear to be British to me....The re-soling has not been carried out recently.
The upper interior is with maker serial numbers and if I am interpreting them correctly are 1940 manufacture.
The soles would benefit a leather treatment and the uppers with a good clean would improve the boots appearance immeasurably.
Packing with bubble wrap would also improve their overall shape, and appearance when displayed with a mannequin.
Becoming a hard item to find in this condition.

Code: 107262Price: 325.00 GBP

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A truly superb item, and something of a must for the vintage VW enthusiast.
A 1958 dealership gift given with the purchase of a vehicle and given on the vehicle collection.
A leatherette wallet containing a deck of playing cards, score note pad and retractable pencil.
The deck of cards is complete with two jokers and a face card, all of which are in unplayed with mint condition, an dated 1958 to the card face border
A small score pad again untouched and a retractable plastic bodied pencil again untouched with the original point still on the pencil.
The cards have charachature scenes to each one relating in some way to VW or the vehicles use.
One side of the holder has a small swatch of vehicle paint, possible the blue relating to ‘this’ vehicle purchase (see images).
I can only fault the item with the elasticated card container being age snapped at one side (see images).
A STUNNING item, that would be hard to better for condition, and of not some inconsiderable rarity.

Code: 107261Price: 225.00 GBP

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A very good condition matched pair (in every way) of narrow back pack straps used to hold the service helmet in situ when ‘on the march’.
The straps are a little grubby with use but are UN-BLANCOED. The are matching maker marked and dated 1917.
The both have small areas of fraying to the edge of the webbing material, which I have shown in one of the images.
A hard WW1 vintage strap too find individually now.
Matched, un-blancoed pairs even rarer !

Code: 107258Price: 95.00 GBP

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A very clean, pin back example of an RAF pilot brevet.
Good clear crisp detail to the thread work.
Moth and damage free condition.
A very nice looking brevet with a couple of nice maker variation details.

Code: 107256Price: 165.00 GBP

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