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SAGAN (Stalag Luft III), 24-25 MARCH 1944 & BEYOND

2019 marks the 75th anniversary of this WW2 POW escape ‘event’.
This post will be in place for the next few days !
The mass escape of airmen from Stalag Luft III in March 1944 is now long enough passed to be a life time away, yet 'young historians', are aware of this 'great escape'; the information they have on it, passed on in the main by the famous 1963 MGM film of this name.
The reality of the escape a few days on from the night of 24 - 25 March 1944 was to have 'profound', far reaching consequences for 50 recaptured (of the 73) P.O.W. Allied Airmen; their families and comrades.
Please do read all 50 names and take a moment........!

F.O. Birkland, Henry J.
Flt. Lt. Brettell, E. Gordon
Sqd. L. Bull, Leslie G.
Sqd. L. Bushell, Roger J.
Flt. Lt. Casey, Michael J.
Sqd. L. Catanach, James
P.O. Christensen, Arnold G.
F.O. Cochran, Dennis H.
Sqd. L. Cross, Ian E.K.P.
Lt. Espelid, Haldor
Flt Lt. Evans, Brian H.
Lt. Fuglesang, Nils
Lt. Gouws, Johannes S.
Flt. Lt. Grisman, William J.
Flt. Lt. Gunn, Alastair D.M.
Flt. Lt. Hake, Albert H.
Flt. Lt. Hall, Charles P.
Flt. Lt. Hayter, Anthony R.H.
Flt. Lt. Humphreys, Edgar S.
F.O. Kidder, Gordon A.
Flt. Lt. Kierath, Reginald V.
Flt. Lt. Kiewnarski, Antoni
Sqd. L. Kirby-Green, Thomas G.
F.O. Kolanowski, Wlodzimierz A
F.O. Krol, Stanislaw Z.
Flt. Lt. Langford, Patrick W.
Flt. Lt. Leigh, Thomas B.
Flt. Lt. Long, James L.R.
Flt. Lt. Marcinkus, Romas
Lt. McGarr, Clement A.N.
Flt Lt. McGill, George E.
Flt. Lt. Millford, Harold J.
F.O. Mondschein, Jerzy T.
F.O. Pawluk, Kazimierz
Flt. Lt. Picard, Henri A.
F.O. Pohe, John
Lt. Scheidhauer, Bernard W.M.
P.O. Skanzikas, Sotiris
F.O. Stevens, Rupert J.
F.O. Stewart, Robert C.
F.O. Stower, John G.
F.O. Street, Denys O.
Flt. Lt. Swain, Cyril D.
F.O. Tobolski, Pawel
Flt. Lt. Valenta, Ernst
Flt. Lt. Walenn, Gilbert W.
Flt. Lt. Wernham, James C.
Flt. Lt. Wiley, George W.
Sqd. L. Williams, John E.A.
Flt. Lt. Williams, John

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